Una Navidad con
Samantha Hudson



After the sudden death of the love of her life and unable to handle her fame, Samantha Hudson forgets her class consciousness and humble origins and starts to behave like a tyrannical bourgeois in an 80´s melodrama. Chelo, her faithful manager, is the only person who puts up with the diva trash. The daring and stunning girl who silenced the world when she cried out «Maricón» (“Fag”) finds herself all alone amidst the hustle and bustle of Xmas. Tonight, because of the Christmas special she is going to star in, many extremists take to the streets yelling «freedom» so Samantha won't tarnish something as sacred and traditional as Christmas with her diversity. Thanks to an extreme make-over, Samantha will be visited by three ghosts who will make her remember who she used to be, who she is and who she can become. The three ghosts will probably not be the only visitors. As is the case on any given night with Samantha, one never knows what can happen, especially if it's Christmas. Directed by Alejandro Marín, ‘Una Navidad con Samantha Hudson’ was the first LGTBQ+ Christmas special produced in Spain.


Samantha Hudson, Anabel Alonso, Amaia, Pepe Viyuela, Arturo Valls, Manuela Trasobares, Yurena, Victoria Martín, Supremme de Luxe, La Dani, Ms Nina, Jordi Cruz, Carlos González, Kika Lorace, Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, Pupi Poison, Psicosis Gonsales, La Prohibida, Chenta Tsai, Paco Clavel.

Dirección: Alejandro Marín
Guión: Jesús Díaz Morcillo